Monday, February 9, 2009

Fifteen Things You Should Know About Me

Sophie's list of Les 15 Choses gave me the idea for this post. So, here are fifteen entirely random (and some nonsensical) things you should know about me. It may end up more than fifteen if they're put together like they are, but who's really counting.

  1. My last name, Hotchkiss, is English and Scottish, and the family originates from a place called Shropshire in England. I found this out last year while surfing the net.

  2. I'm fascinated with England and would love to visit there one day. I think part of the reason has to do with #1.

  3. My middle name, Elizabeth, comes from a relative of my father's.

  4. I started wearing glasses in third grade and have had several pairs since.

  5. I would love to go to college somewhere in New England. I'm aiming for Harvard, Yale, or Princeton.

  6. My future ambition is to become president of the United States. If I can't become president, I'm willing to settle for becoming a civil defense attorney. Not sure I could deal with the scum of the earth.

  7. I have a tendency to be a perfectionist, I have recognized this and tried to loosen up. I can't tolerate anything less than a B on test papers and class work, and really would like straight A's in everything. In this way I am like my mother, who is a successful attorney who travels everywhere.

  8. I have a tendency to be bossy. I have my own ideas about how things should go and what should be done. I guess it's why I'm class president.

  9. I am a teacher's pet and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I can't help myself, most days at school I spend more time talking to teachers than other kids (Harriet is an exception, but then again, she's an old soul anyway)

  10. I'm allergic to pretty much everything that breathes. Which explains why being around my cousin Nicki with all her animals is such a pain sometimes.

  11. I hate Hannah Montana with a passion, and must admit to not watching very much Disney Channel fare at all. Therefore, I don't really share the obsession that most girls my age have with Disney channel stars. I have to admit, however, that there is one Aly & AJ song I tolerate, and my musical tastes otherwise run from pop to hip-hop to oldies. My favorites include Joss Stone, Alicia Keys, Alanis Morissette, and Celine Dion.

  12. What do I do for fun if I'm not into Disney fare? I used to read a lot, and wish I could still read but don't really have time to do, now that I'm in activities. My favorites include AG books, but I also must confess to being into the Beacon Street Girls series and having read most of Meg Cabot's books. The only writing I do is for newspaper and yearbook, and this blog and a personal journal. In addition, I've been known to read encyclopedias.

  13. My favorite outfit is my crisp white oxford shirt and my navy blue plaid A-line skirt. My favorite jeans are the ones I came wearing, they're roomy and comfortable. They have little flowers on the sides. My least favorite outfit is the purple pastel skirt and vest combo I got from my birth mom for this past Christmas. It's cute enough, but the vest especially is more Meredith's taste. And the pleats on the skirt bunch up and don't look good at all.

  14. My favorite color is blue, but I seem to have a lot of pink in my closet. Hmm. :\

  15. My favorite school subject is social studies/civics/history. Most of the time the subjects are wrapped up into one. I like learning about current events and how they relate to what happened in the past. Right now I'm reading about the Great Depression, and some of the stuff that's happening now is very similar.

Well, that's fifteen. I could have put out more, but why?


Avery V. said...

Cool! I learned a lot about you! I might do this on my blog...

Wendy said...

I'm not a big Hannah Montana fan either. But I do love classic Disney. I've been thinking about making one of these lists. I dunno. I'm a little too boring to have a good one.

~Sabine :) said...

Cool...we have a lot in common! Anyway, I'm so cold right now! I HATE WIND STORMS!