Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mia St. Clair

So far, the first week of school has been... interesting... to say the least.

Today, while I was in the newspaper office, something interesting happened.

(Excuse the mess, we're still getting moved back in)

We were visited by one Mia St. Clair, who announced that she's running against Meredith Hopkins for student body president! Needless to say, Kate and I were stunned. We didn't think anyone would challenge her. But someone has.

And I emailed Haley about this and she couldn't be happier. She would run herself, but there is the little problem of her being in Massachusetts right now...

Anyone who is running against Meredith Hopkins deserves my support and my kudos. Go Mia!


Claire said...

Glad to hear that someone who actually deserves school president is running. Lindsey, I say ditto with you and Haley. Go Mia!

The Crazy Doll Auynti!! said...

We all say "Go Mia" from here too .. there are enough that are tired of Meredith that Mia should have a good chance of winning ..