Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I'm 10000 percent conviced that Meredith Hopkins is evil.
I'm even more covinced that Meredith Hopkins cannot be student body president, at all costs.

It started after school today, when the new girl, Laney Holland, complained that Lulu, the pet bunny she'd brought to honors science class, was missing. I don't take honors science, I don't take honors anything. Since I don't like seeing animals ill treated -- hey I once stopped a pet parade at my old school -- Kate and I volunteered to help her look for Lulu.

"Lulu!" we called in rounds. "Looo-loooo! Where are yoooooo?"

It took us nearly an hour but we found Lulu -- thrown in the dumpster. Who would throw a bunny in the garbage can??? I know Meredith and her lackeys were behind this.

Meanwhile, we took Lulu back to the lab and cleaned her up. She's sooo cute!

I will say this though. THIS MEANS WAR. Kate and I are getting ready to fight.


Claire said...

Oh, it is SO on. Meredith (aka Evil) Hopkins should be the one in the dumpster. It really irks me when someone mistreats animals.

Lindsey, have you emailed Haley about this?

Haley Hotchkiss said...

Hey Claire, I haven't emailed Haley yet about this but I'm going to. All I know is that you're right, it's SO on. See, this is where me and Haley aren't alike, she cares about getting in trouble, I don't care if I get in trouble. If u read her entries u'll see she's kind of a goody goody, lulz.



The Crazy Doll Lady!! said...

Ohhhhh .. tar and feather .. that is what i would like to do to her .. how could she just throw Lulu in the dumpster .. good thing you guys found her ..

If you need any help we can give just let us know .. how much I would like to help ..

Ta Ta,

Nym said...

This is Haley, reading it right now on Haydren's laptop. I'll send you the posters *Samantha takes computer over* Haley will not tolerate this kind of behavior if YOU decide to re-elect her School President. Haley will *Haley grabs computer back from Sam* Hey Lindsey, It's me again. If I send you some posters/banners/pins will you pin them up around school?

I'll be in touch shortly!

Haley Hotchkiss

Haley Hotchkiss said...

Haley! Ohhh nice to hear from ya, friend! *huggs* I sure will pin em around school. With your help, no way is Meredith Hopkins going to be elected student body president!