Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Halloween Dance (and other assorted topics)

Well, it didn't go exactly as planned, but yes, there was a Halloween Dance on Friday.
Harriet, Kristy, Katarina, Alison, Megan and I worked like mad to get decorations put up. We got no help from Meredith, Natasha, or Madisyn. In fact, they did everything in their power to stop this dance from happening.

I managed to find a dress to throw on, so no, I didn't have to cut up a pillowcase to become a ghost. And the dance happened anyway. Kids went through the haunted house (Kristy hooked us up with an awesome smoke machine) getting candy and other prizes at the end.

Of even more interest to me is this site: Yep, on my dad's side (at least) I'm of English descent. I'm likely a descendant of a Hotchkiss from Shropshire, England. I guess this explains why I've always been curious about England and wanting to go to London some day.

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Molly, Elizabeth, Kit, Mia, and Abbey. (Americangirlfan) said...

Hi Haley! :)

We LOVE your costume! It looks really nice on you! The Halloween dance sounds fun! :)

Thanks for the comment on Liz's website!

Have a Great day! :)

Your Friends,
Molly, Elizabeth, Kit, Mia, and Abbey