Thursday, October 23, 2008

Some news

Nicki just told me some stunning news. She might be headed back to Colorado over the holidays. And she could leave before Thanksgiving.
I can't say I'm totally surprised, after all, she does need to go see her family at some point. But I had just gotten used to the idea of having her here. It's strange, but if she leaves, I might actually miss her.
I got to school early because I had to tutor Kristy Van Dyke. Remember, she missed two weeks of school by being in the hospital.
Well today we took our class portrait. I decided I wanted to look especially nice for the picture, so I wore my green cashmere sweater (it was another cool day) and my plaid skirt.
I had another reason for wanting to look nice today, too. Adam.
Adam Cartwright is a sixth grade boy, and, I'm telling you, he is sooo handsome. Too bad he doesn't know I exist. He spends most of his time being pursued by the likes of Meredith Hopkins, Natasha Ivanova, Madisyn Baker, and Alyssa Belfour (this dark-haired girl). As far as I know, Adam doesn't play any sports -- he just looks hot. He has these deep brown eyes... mmmm yummy.

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