Sunday, October 19, 2008

Order...or not

First off, before I begin this entry....
If my glasses are different from the ones you're used to seeing me with, they are. And there's a good reason for that. You see, my old pair got smashed to bits. And guess who was responsible.
You got it. The one and only Ms. Blondie herself. I took my specs off in gym class, and somehow she found them and tossed them to the top of the bleachers. You could not imagine how upset I was when some boy finally told me where they were and how I found them.
So, I'm wearing these until mine can finally get fixed.

Speaking of Blondie, if I thought Meredith would have been repentant after losing the election, I was wrong. In fact, the next day she was in rare form, with zinger after zinger -- and this time, they weren't all aimed at me. She went after my friends, too.
I can deal with her railing against me now, because I can care less, but going after my friends is just low.
Kristy Van Dyke has taken to following me and Harriet around school now. I think Harriet knew her in kindergarten, then she moved away, and now she's back. She's okay, I suppose.
"Well if it isn't the head geek and her band of misfits," Meredith shouted, within earshot of her followers, who cackled like hens in kind.
"Shut up, Meredith," I said.
Meredith referred to Harriet as my 'sidekick' and said Kristy 'should just change her name to Chris, because she looks like a boy.' True, Kristy's preference is for flannel and fleece instead of the stuff Meredith likes, and she seems to care less about clothes, but there was no reason for Meredith to go there.
Kristy came back with a zinger of her own, though. She said Meredith's outfit looked like a cheap imitation of something off the Disney channel. And she added something else too. "That's why I voted for Haley." I was impressed.

That afternoon I had my first meeting as sixth grade class president. I had to admit, Haley Hotchkiss, class president, had a good ring to it. The topic of discussion was the upcoming Halloween dance. Of course, as sixth grade class president, I'm mostly responsible for planning the dance.
I haven't had time to do anything Halloween related. I don't even have a costume. There are a couple medieval dresses here, but they're too small for me. And Vee doesn't have enough time or money to send for a costume from AG. Not sure what to do.

Meredith walked in, tight short skirt and all, sending a few sneers my way. Nicki and some girl called Heather, her homeroom rep, were also there. Heather managed to meander her way straight to Meredith's corner. Nicki and I both let out deep groans.
Meredith's skirt was so short and tight she could barely sit down.
So, I opened the floor for suggestions. Meredith and Heather were playing around with nail polish. The other kids just looked at me with blank stares. "Hey, you're the president, madam, do something!"
So I banged my gavel again and asked for the meeting to come to order. Surprisingly, when I banged my gavel, everyone became quiet, even Meredith, who took to fooling with her Ipod. I again asked for ideas. "Costume contest!" one girl suggested.
"Bobbing for apples!"
"Haunted house!"
Nicki grabbed her notepad and copied everything down.
"All great ideas," I said, "now about a theme? Since a haunted house has been proposed, how about Haunted Halloween as the dance theme, with the haunted house as the centerpiece? Surrounding the house would be pumpkins and scarecrows and ghosts and other creatures of the night. There would be a space over to the right of the house for pictures."
After I finished talking, I didn't hear much argument. Not even from Meredith, who was more interested in her cell phone conversation than what I was saying. This class president thing was definitely harder than I thought.

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