Monday, June 13, 2011

I'm BAAAACK! (for awhile anyway)

Missed me? I sure hope so! (cue evil maniacal laugh here)

Anyway, my human Vee has been sick. Vertigo she says. And a lot of stuff has been going on.

Well, Harriet is in Wisconsin, at the big doll hospital there. She was in a big time accident. I hear she's having eye surgery.

I cannot believe Meredith Hopkins is entered in Miss Playthings. I'm not a pageant girl myself but I wish Vee would have talked to me first before the entries went out. I think I would have been as good an entrant as her or even better.


Sophie Amélie said...

Good to see you online again, Haley! I'm sorry that Vee has been under the weather. :( I hope she and Harriet feel better soon.

LMPT is fun. Maybe you could enter next year? It's really much more fun than a regular beauty pageant, even if you don't win. ;)


Cali Hazelwood said...

Hi, Haley! Guess what? I'm back online, too! I miss the blogging community. I hope Vee and Harriet feel better soooooon. Hope you're having an amazing summer! :)


Kirsten L. said...

Hi, Haley, we miss you. I think you'd be great at LMPT. I can't do it because I was in Miss Hostboard way back when and Missy likes us to have turns. So Megan (MAC) is doing it this year.

Hope Vee and Harriet feel better soon. I would have Vee stay clear of the Alfred Hitchcock movies; I've heard there's one called Vertigo :/

Wendy said...

Good to hear from you!

I hope Vee feels better and Harriet comes home soon!

Josefina is entered in LMPT from our house this year. Bre said I was the "natural choice" but it's hardly my thing, and Josefina will make a great contestant. You would too... Meredith is pretty, but I think you're prettier! =)

Isabella Valentina Scherdell said...

Good to hear from you Hayley! (: I hope Harriet is doing okay and I hope Vee feels better soon. I might enter little miss playthings next year? It looks like a lot of fun. You would do great!!!