Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hey y'all

Harriet sighting here.
Why am I dressed like this? Well, I took up yoga after seeing it on that Innerstar U site.

There was an Innerstar U rep at the school a couple weeks ago, and now I'm taking an after school yoga class. I find it relaxing and fun.

Natalie Spencer (yes that Natalie) is taking the class too. You figure she'd like yoga since she's a gymnast. She even offered to partner me on a couple of exercises.

"You're doing real good with this," Natalie said. While we're taking the class together, I forget sometimes that she hangs out with you-know-who.

Oh and my friend Lindz @ her new blog Lucky Lovable Lindsey says Haley's gonna be back for Christmas. I hope so. I miss her.

Ta-ta for now, Harriet ^_^

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Sophie Amélie said...

Hey Harriet,

We have matching outfits now! :) I love my yoga outfit, even if I'm pretty sure I haven't practiced yoga while wearing it. Haha!

It's good to know that Haley will be back for Christmas. I miss her constant updates. She should try to log on more during her travels. Hey, I do. ;)