Thursday, February 25, 2010

Just stopping in

Well, I know I've been absent, but I wanna just catch y'all up on what's been going on.

Vee's come down with a upper respiratory infection, so she's basically been chillin'. Her laptop is still in the shop, too, so I've been using the computers at school. There are no pix cause her digital camera is also still broken.

Natalie won the 7th grade spelling bee, I came in 2nd. 2nd is great, especially when you misspell the word electricity. (See, I spelled it right here but not in front of the class, lol)

Antoinette returned to France after the holidays and is talking about visiting for spring break. She showed me pix of her French boarding school and it's pretty ritzy. I'm wondering if, when I'm traveling, if I could visit France. I know Vee would never go for it, but...

Oh, I added a few more blogs to the blog list and changed the layout. I'm not happy with this one, so I wanna change it again, lol. If I missed your blog link, please let me know here. And any layout suggestions are welcomed! Thanks bunches!


all4dolls said...

Thanks for adding us to your blog list! Mia and Eva

Cali Hazelwood said...

Hi, Haley! :)
That stinks for Vee. Being sick is no fun!
Congrats on the Spelling Bee, 2nd place is awesome.

Also, it is not too late for Meredith to enter AGMA. The deadline for all videos is March 14!


Sophie Amélie said...

Hi Haley!

You MUST visit France - it's the greatest country ever! (Okay, I'm a little biased...). Maybe Antoinette's family can host you? ;)

Your new layout looks cute!

Thanks for reminding me about the blog links. I meant to add Mia and Eva's link to my list, but I completely forgot. I should go do that.


Sabine Bouchard said...

Haley...when you have the must visit France! You should come to Lille, of course. ;)
Mind if I add your blog to my list?
Congrats on the spelling bee...I didn't make it to finals on ours. :( Alyson didn't win, of course...she misspelled "arrogant". ;)
Nice hearing from you again!

Claire said...

You missed all my blogs.(3)